The State of Illinois has replaced the ACT college entrance exam with the College Board’s SAT for all Illinois public high school juniors. Illinois Central College offers an SAT PREP course that will help students prepare for the test AND answer parents’ questions regarding the transition from ACT to SAT. The SAT PREP course also helps students gain knowledge in what scores and subject tests are required for college admission and teaches test-taking strategies.

This SAT Prep course does not register students for the exam itself. For information on how to register for the SAT exam, please visit

Our Review Sessions start with an introductory night in which we ask that a parent or guardian attend this first session. The introductory night will always be Monday during the first week of SAT PREP classes. We will then offer four, three-hour sessions within a two week period.

Topics Include:

Consists of information and ideas, rhetoric, and synthesis questions based on reading passages and quantitative information.

Consists of multiple-choice questions about rhetoric, grammar, and English usage.

Consists of specific algebra, geometry, and trigonometry application and analysis strategies, with an emphasis on problem solving, modeling, using tools strategically, and using algebraic structure.

Participants will take short practice tests in all areas. Cost of the SAT PREP Course is $120.00 and includes a textbook and all classroom materials. Payment is required upon registration.

SAT PREP is invaluable for...

  • Public high school juniors who want to prepare for the SAT exams that take place on April 14, 2020.
  • High school senior students taking the SAT exam for the first time.
  • Adults who have never taken the SAT exam.
  • Students who want to improve their SAT scores.
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SAT Prep is held at the Illinois Central College Peoria Campus, Hickory Hall, 5407 N. University Street, Peoria or at various area high schools (Click the link below to find a school near you.).

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Refund Policy

You may cancel your registration for the SAT Prep up to five (5) working days prior to the beginning of classes to receive a full refund. Classes must be cancelled by phone at (309) 690-6900.