Inspiring Leadership

The Inspiring Leadership program is designed for:

  • New supervisors, managers, coordinators, or team leaders who have had little or no leadership education or training.
  • Experienced supervisors, managers, coordinators, or team leaders who want to solidify their understanding of leadership concepts.
  • Promising employees who may some day be tapped for leadership roles.
  • Anyone who aspires to assume a leadership role in an organization, whether a for-profit, non-profit, or even a volunteer organization.

How to Earn Your Inspiring Leadership Certificate
PDI's Inspiring Leadership Program requires you to complete the four Core Workshops plus eight of the Pillar Elective Workshops to earn the certificate, totaling 48 hours of coursework. Participants have 18 months to complete the Core and Pillar Elective workshops.

You receive .4 Illinois Central College Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from the International Association on Continuing Education and Training for each workshop you complete. Those completing the entire Inspiring Leadership certificate will receive 4.8 CEUs, a certificate of completion and a special recognition award. All workshops are held in Hickory Hall at ICC's North Campus, 5407 N. University, Peoria, IL. Parking is free!

Core Workshops (4 Hours each)

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Business Fundamentals for Leaders »
How does a business work? Business financial statements can be confusing and complicated. In this workshop, you will learn how to interpret business reports and recognize how what you do affects the financial success of your organization.

Adaptive Leadership »
Leaders who know their "leadership style" can apply their strengths to accomplish more with staff. In this workshop, evaluate your leadership style using the DiSC personality profile, which helps identify your ability to be flexible and create awareness of your strengths and weaknesses. You will also learn how to apply the key principles of adaptive leadership in order to change your approach in different situations and improve working relationships among staff.

Developing Successful Work Teams »
Leaders "lead" people. In this workshop, you will identify the benefits of working in teams, examining the characteristics of the most effective teams, team leaders, and team members. You will also assess your team-leading skills and develop guidelines for getting the most out of team meetings.

Change Management »
A science exists for managing change institutionally. In this workshop, learn the process of change and what you can do to avoid resistance and fear. Understand the strategies for creating successful change and be able to develop a change management plan. You will also explore the impact leaders can have on change

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Pillar Elective Workshops (4 Hours each)

In this workshop, learn the true meaning of coaching versus mentoring and their relevance in effective leadership. This session will examine how coaching can develop high commitment and high performance among employees. Discover the three key mentoring tools, and how to establish an in-depth action plan for mentoring employees.

Creativity and Innovation in Leadership
The importance of creativity and innovation can't be overstated. Creative thinking gives us great new ideas, and helps us solve our most complex problems. It is vital for future professional and business success - without new ideas, new products, and new processes, you'll be left behind! This workshop will explore the importance of creativity, and we'll help you think about how you can foster creativity and innovation within yourself and your team. We'll learn about the creative process and overview some tools that can be used to boost creativity in the workplace.

Effective Delegation
In this session, explore effective delegation and why it is important. Learn the seven steps of effective delegation and be able to apply them in your organization. You will develop strategies for selecting the right people for tasks and be able to recognize how delegation is like creating a contract.

Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) refers to how well you relate to others and manage relationships. In this workshop, you will learn how to measure and improve your own EQ and how EQ affects your work team.

Engaging Employees
Your success as a leader depends on motivated and committed employees. In this session, discover what "engagement" is and why it matters. Examine the criteria for measuring engagement, recognizing qualities that define an engaging leader and develop an action plan for an "engaging" culture..

Habits for Success
Habits can be both good and bad. In this workshop you will come to understand why habits exist and how they can be changed. You will learn how to focus in on the top habits for success both in your professional and personal life.

Leadership Communication Skills
In this workshop, learn about active listening and powerful speaking. Discover techniques for communicating with tact and how to give constructive feedback. You will also find out how to identify communication barriers and how to deal with hostile people.

Leadership Transition
Moving from coworker to boss can be difficult at times. Whether already there, or hoping to get there, this course will help you navigate this change.

Managing Your Priorities
Leaders are always faced with conflicting priorities. In this session, learn about the 80/20 principle and how to use it to your advantage. Develop strategies for prioritizing your work and learn how to measure progress on those strategies. You will also learn time management tips and techniques and the habits of the most effective leaders.

Negotiations - Getting to YES!
Like it or not, you negotiate every day. In this class you will examine proven strategies to utilize "Principled Negotiation" techniques to avoid hard and soft negotiations.

Presentations and Meetings
In this workshop you'll examine how to draw out and process audience input for the purpose of moving discussion forward by using feedback and consensus building. Learn to recognize seven different kinds of meetings and how to plan for each of them, while enhancing your presentation skills through improved poise and presence, handouts, and audio-visual elements

Problem Solving/Decision Making
Problem-solving is part of being a leader. In this workshop, learn about the various methods available to help you become a better critical thinker and decision maker. You will learn how to overcome barriers that keep you from solving problems effectively, and find out what works best for you.

Resolving Conflict
Conflict can affect productivity and create stress in the workplace. In this session, learn about "fair fighting" and develop guidelines for its use in conflict resolution. Explore techniques to help calm yourself and others when emotions heat up. You will also be able to name the key conflict resolution principles and how they apply to stressful situations.

Strategic Planning
Take your planning to the next level. Learn the basics of strategic planning and take your personal skills and business from today into the future.

Strengths Finder
Find out what you do best everyday and work from your strengths. Using the Strengths Finder 2.0 book you will determine your strengths and focus in on bringing your best all of the time.

Writing for Results
Learn the industry standards for email etiquette, report writing, and business grammar, as well as how to develop a PowerPoint presentation to deliver effective messages. Recognize the seven characteristics of effective writing and be able to apply the six basic rules for report writing. Finally, learn how to use graphic elements (bar graphs, tables, and trend lines) to get your point across.

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For more information about the Inspiring Leadership Program contact:

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