The Professional Development Institute at Illinois Central College is a comprehensive training organization whose mission is to serve businesses and individuals by providing both open enrollment and customized, in-house or on-site, quality seminars and workshops. Through our dedicated staff, state-of-the-art technology, and community and academic resources, we seek to continuously improve our programs and services to our customers.

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  • PDI Offers One-on-One Help
    Still struggling with pivot tables? Access queries have you scratching your head? And what's up with Adobe InDesign anyway? Perhaps some quality one-on-one time with one of our PDI instructors would help. Contact Frank Thomas at or 309-690-6915 for more information.

  • PDI Offers Blended Computer Classes
    Many of our Office 2013 and Adobe workshops now include online components you can access from any mobile device.
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  • iPad for Business Workshop
    Get the most out of your iPad for productivity at work and outside of work. We'll explore various usage scenarios and apps to help you take your iPad to the next level.
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  • PDI Offers Inspiring Leadership Certificate Program
    The Inspiring Leadership Certificate Program is designed to provide a comprehensive program in leadership development that is individualized specifically for each participant.
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