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Free Motorcycle Training

Motorcycle Safety LogoFree Motorcycle Rider Safety Program classes are offered for beginning and experienced riders at more than 50 locations throughout Illinois. This Illinois Central College site provides information for courses throughout Region B. For information on courses in regions A or C, contact the Regional Training Center for that area.

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The Motorcycle Rider Safety Program offers courses for novice, intermediate and experienced riders. Which course is right for you?

Basic Rider Course

Have you wanted to learn how to ride but didn't know how to get started? Or, maybe you have limited riding experience but it has been awhile since you have been on a motorcycle. The Basic Rider Course (BRC) is for you!

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Basic Rider Course 2

Do you want to refine your motorcycle skills? The Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC2) is probably a good choice!

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Advanced Rider Course

Are you an experienced rider who wants to develop more advanced riding techniques and greatly improve your mental and perceptual skills? The Advanced Rider Course (ARC) is for you! You will ride your own sport, cruiser, standard, or touring bike in this more challenging course!

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  • Illinois residency is required. You must be an Illinois resident with a permanent address in Illinois to register for these courses.
  • Waiver or Release of Liability must be submitted by all students at their first class session. Persons under 18 years of age must bring a parent or guardian to the first class to sign a participation waiver.
  • Be on time! All classes start on time. If you are late, your place may be given to a walk-in or standby student. Don't be left out.
  • Refund requests: When you complete your class, you may request a refund of the $20 fee, or you may choose to waive the refund and help make it possible for us to continually improve the program.

Important Registration Information

  • Registration is only available online through the icc.edu/motorcycle website
  • If a class if marked full, we encourage you to put yourself on a waitlist for that particular date and location.
  • If registered students are not present at the start of any class, waitlisted individuals who have elected to show up will be admitted to the class in the order that they are waitlisted.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Showing up does not guarantee you a spot in the class! If there are still spots available after the waitlist names have been called, any individuals not on the waitlist will be put into a lottery in order to determine order of acceptance.
  • If a waitlist or walk-in individual is accepted into the class, you will be given instructions to call the office the next business day to arrange payment.

Required Motorcycle Gear

You must arrive with the following motorcycle gear on the first meeting of your class:
  • Eye protection
  • Full fingered gloves
  • Long sleeve clothing
  • Long pants - must be sturdy material (yoga pants are not sturdy)
  • Sturdy, over the ankle footwear (not cloth or canvas)
  • You can wear your own helmet, but it must be at least ¾ and DOT approved

Cancellation Policy

  • In the event you must reschedule or cancel, you must notify the Illinois Central College Motorcycle Rider Safety Program either by calling (800-252-3348) or email motorcyclehelp@cce.icc.edu with your ID (looks like CE#######), Order Number and whether you want a refund or to move to another class (give class you want to move to) at least 5 business days prior to all workshops.
  • Your refund will be issued back to your credit card.
  • Note: We reserve the right to cancel workshops due to insufficient enrollment/attendance. In the event of a cancellation, your fee will be refunded. In the event of attendance of five or fewer students in a class (12 or fewer in Montgomery), your fee will be refunded or transferred to another class.

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Course Details

What is the Basic Rider Course (BRC)?

This 20-hour program includes both classroom and "hands-on" instruction. It is designed to teach the fundamental skills of straight-line riding, shifting, turning, and stopping, then works toward developing more complex street skills including essential braking, turning and swerving techniques. It also focuses on developing good mental strategies and managing special situations. The motorcycles, helmets, and textbooks are provided for each student's use. Students must provide: a long-sleeved shirt or jacket, long pants (heavy material with straight legs), sturdy over-the-ankle footwear (not cloth or canvas), full-fingered gloves and eye protection (glasses, goggles or face shield).

Who is eligible to enroll in the BRC?

Illinois residents who are at least 16 years of age (on the first day of their course) are eligible to enroll if they have a valid driver's license or instruction permit. The ability to balance and ride a bicycle is expected. Persons under 18 years of age must bring a parent or guardian to sign a participation waiver 15 minutes prior to the class starting time.


Upon successful completion of the Basic Rider Course, a completion card will be issued that will allow the Illinois Secretary of State driver's license examiner to waive the written and the riding portion of the motorcycle license test for all graduates who are 18 years of age or older. Persons who are 16 or 17 years of age must complete this course and take the Secretary of State's written and riding tests to be eligible for a class "M" motorcycle endorsement.

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What is the Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC2)?

This nine-hour course is designed for riders who want to refine their motorcycle skills.

Who is eligible to enroll in the BRC2?

Riders must be 18 years of age or older with recent riding experience. The BRC 2 is designed for a student who may have already passed the BRC and wants additional training and practice. The course is also effective for experienced dirt bike riders who want to start riding on the street as well as current street riders who have been riding with a permit or illegally and wish to become licensed.


Upon successful completion of the Basic Rider Course 2, a completion card will be issued that will allow the Illinois Secretary of State driver's license examiner to waive the written and the riding portion of the motorcycle license test for all graduates.

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What is the Advanced Rider Course (ARC)?

The Advanced Rider Course (ARC) focuses on advanced braking, cornering, and perceptual skills. You will learn to use body positioning to manage traction and improve handling, and have multiple opportunities to self-assess your riding skills, risk taking behaviors, and attitudes.

This high challenge, low threat course was originally developed for military sport bike riders and has recently been adapted for civilians.

You will ride your own sport, cruiser, standard, or touring bike in this exciting nine-hour course.

Who is eligible to enroll in the ARC?

This course is for riders with on-street experience who have a valid motorcycle license and can provide a street legal motorcycle in good mechanical repair. A DOT approved helmet, proof of current motorcycle registration, valid insurance and a completed motorcycle safety inspection checklist(checklist provided prior to the class) are required without exception.


A valid motorcycle license is required to take the ARC. Completion of the ARC does not waive the test requirements for obtaining a motorcycle license through the Secretary of State but may qualify you for an insurance discount.

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Region A:
Harper College Motorcycle Safety Program
650 E. Higgins Road, Suite 17-S
Schaumburg, IL 60173-4741

Region B:
Illinois Central College
Motorcycle Rider Safety Program
1 College Drive
East Peoria, IL 61635

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Region C:
Southern Illinois University
Motorcycle Rider Program
Mail Code 6731
Carbondale, IL 62901-6731
Fax: 618-453-2879

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much does the course cost?
IT'S FREE! We only require a $20 deposit to hold your registration in the course, but it's refundable upon completion of the course.

2) The location I want doesn't show a schedule, how can I find those classes?
We are working with those sites to get a schedule approved. As soon as the schedule is finalized and approved it will be made immediately available. The system is "real-time."

3) Is class cancelled if it's raining?
No. Instructors may adjust inside and outside instruction.

4) Is this REALLY a FREE course?
Yes it is. Illinois motorcyclists support this course every time they register their motorcycles or renew the motorcycle endorsements on their driver's license.

5) I had a deposit on file last year. Can I apply to this year's registration?
No, we do not carry fees over from one year to another.

6) How can I make sure I get a course in April or May?
There is no sure way. Class size is limited due to the nature of motorcycle training and there are not many sites up and running at full capacity early in the spring. Please keep in mind EVERYONE wants a course early in the year and there are limited openings at that time.

7) What if I have a disability?
If you have a disability, please contact Erik Hanks at erik.hanks@icc.edu prior to making your course selections to discuss making reasonable accommodations.

8) Do I have to take this course to get my license?
No, you do not. You may take a motorcycle to the Secretary of State's Driver Services Facility and take a written and riding test there. However, if you are 16 or 17 years old and wish to obtain an "M" class motorcycle license you are required by the state to successfully complete our course to be eligible to test at the Secretary of State's Driver Services Facility. FYI: a legal guardian must accompany a 16 or 17 year-old to the first class to sign the Waiver.

9) Do I need to have my motorcycle permit prior to taking the course?
No, you do not. Any valid license or permit will meet the requirements for taking the Basic course. To attend an Advanced course you must hold a valid motorcycle license.

10) Will you accept an out of state driver's license?
Yes. As long as it is a valid driver's license and you meet the eligibility criteria.

11) How long is the basic course?
20 hours are scheduled, with about 8 hours in the classroom and about 12 hours on the motorcycle range.

12) Do I have to bring my own motorcycle?
Only if you're attending of the Advanced course (ARC). We provide the motorcycles for the Basic Rider course and the Basic Rider Course 2.

13) Do I have to bring my own helmet for the course?
Only if you're attending one of the Advanced courses. We provide helmets for the Basic Rider course and Basic Rider 2 course. However, you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own DOT approved helmet if it is of the "3/4" or full face variety.

14) What size are the motorcycles that we'll be using?
Small. The smallest course motorcycles are 125cc and the largest are 250cc.

15) What is a registered seat?
Registered: A secured seat in a class. If there is a seat available (at the time you loaded this page) AND the registration deadline for the course has not passed, you will see an Add to Cart button. Click this button to start the registration process. Please note that BRC courses must have a minimum of six (6) students at the course start time to run as scheduled.

16) What is a waitlist seat and when will I know if I get in?
Waitlist: An "Add to Waitlist" button will appear if the registered seats for a course are filled (and the registration deadline for the course has not passed). Click the button to start the registration process. Students who register when a class is full are put on a waiting list. If a registered students cancel, does not show up for class, or is late, waitlist students will be the first to be admitted to the open seat. Waitlist seats are filled in the order of registration. Waitlist students are required to attend the first class meeting of the scheduled course to be admitted to that course and must be on time for the course to claim the seat. If your status changes before the class start date you will be notified by e-mail or phone if you have been moved to registered status. There is not a charge to waitlist your class. If you are admitted to a class as a waitlist participant, you will be given directions on how to pay.

17) What is a walk-in?
Walk-ins: If the course you want is full or the registration deadline has passed you may try getting in as a "walk-in". No pre-registration is necessary. However, walk-in students have lower priority than those students who have waitlisted themselves. Simply arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the first class meeting and notify the instructor that you would like to attend as a walk-in. At the course starting time, a lottery will determine which walk-in students will be assigned to any unclaimed seats. Please note that BRC courses must have a minimum of six (6) students at the course start time to run as scheduled.

18) How soon will I get information about the course I'm in?
ALL COMMUNICATIONS ARE DONE THROUGH EMAIL. Please make sure your e-mail address is correct and checked on a regular basis. You should receive an immediate e-mail confirmation with course details after you submit your payment.

19) Do I have to mail a check or money order or can I pay the deposit with a credit card?
We only accept credit card payments.

20) If all the courses I want are full, how can I get into a course?
See above about trying to attend a class as a Waitlist or Walk-in student. Persistence pays off.

21) Can I miss any of the course?
No, and you shouldn't attend the course if you can not attend all sessions. Our lessons and exercises build on what was covered previously, so if you miss something you won't have the skills and knowledge to safely continue in the course.

22) I had to miss part of my course. Can I finish up with another class?
No, you may not. You may re-register online.

23) What if I have to be late the first day of class?
Then you will forfeit your seat to a grateful Waitlist or walk-in student.

24) How can I find out when a course re-opens due to cancellations?
The availability online is current information. When a student cancels, we have waitlist students to take their place. Again, Waitlist students have priority over Walk-ins.

25) When will I get my Completion card so I may go obtain my Motorcycle License if I successfully complete the course?
The completion card will be processed within 4 weeks after the course end date. An email notification will be sent when processed. Allow 7-10 days for mailing.

26) What do I do with my completion card once I receive it?
You have one year to obtain your motorcycle license. If you are 18 or older, the Secretary of State's Driver Services Facility will waive the written and riding portions of your exams. If you are 16 or 17 years old, the completion card will entitle you to test for an "M" class license, which you otherwise could not do. In addition to the testing waivers mentioned elsewhere, many insurance companies offer discounted rates for successfully completing one of our courses. Check with your insurance agent.

27) Can I get a replacement card?
Replacement cards can be issued if the course was completed within the last 12 months. They can only be mailed to an Illinois address. A service fee of $10 will be charged. Complete the Replacement Card Request form for Illinois Central College and mail it with the fee to the address on the form.
Click here to download form.

28) Can I just take the one day Advanced course to get my license waiver?
No, you can not. You must currently hold a valid motorcycle operator's license to attend our Advanced course.

29) How do I get information about next year's schedule?
Visit this website daily beginning in February until it is posted. We post the schedule as soon as we get it approved!

30) Is this course worth it?
You bet it is!

31) Can I be registered in more than one Basic Rider Course?
No. You can have only one active registration. You may waitlist yourself in other classes.

32) For students who are deaf or hard of hearing
The Illinois Central College Motorcycle Rider Safety Program will provide qualified sign language interpreters for MRSP students who are deaf or hard of hearing. The MRSP will work to schedule service providers in accordance with qualifications and experience. Additionally, the MRSP will provide licensed interpreters through the Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission (IDHHC). https://www2.illinois.gov/idhhc/Pages/interpreterlicensuredirectory.aspx.

33) Contact Information
Email us at motorcyclehelp@cce.icc.edu or call 800-252-3348.

For events held by the Motorcycle Rider Safety Program which require an interpreter, we prefer the student contact our office at: 800-252-3348, at least 4 weeks in advance. To cancel services, call the MRSP office at: 800-252-3348 no less than 48 hours prior to the start of the scheduled event. In case of shorter notification, the student will be charged at the identified hourly rate for the minimum number of hours stipulated.

If a request is submitted less than 2 weeks prior to the event there is no guarantee we can get an interpreter. Due to our large geographical area, there are times an interpreter may not be available. In an effort to provide you with the best service, please be prepared to give us at least 3 different class choices.


     Class Location
     Spoon River College
     Engle Hall, Room E121
     23235 N County Rd 22
     Canton, IL 61520

     Click here for directions.

     Class Location

     Market Place Mall
     2000 North Neil Street
     Champaign, 61820

     Click here for directions.

     Click here for class location at Market Place Mall.
     The classroom is located next to exterior store entrances to Christopher and Banks, J Jill and Xfinity.
     The closest parking lot light pole is Labeled B3.

     Class Location

     Richland Community College
     One College Park
     Decatur, IL 62521

     Schrodt Health Education Center, Classroom S188

     Click here for directions.

East Moline
     Class Location

     Rock Island County Fairgrounds
     4200 Archer Drive
     East Moline, IL 61244

     Fairground Office

     Click here for directions.

East Peoria
     Class Location

     Illinois Central College
     Dirksen Hall
     1 College Drive
     East Peoria, IL

     Click here for directions.

     Click here for ICC East Peoria Campus Map

     Class Location

     Carl Sandburg College
     2400 Tom L. Wilson Blvd.
     Galesburg, IL 61401

     Park in Lot C.
     Meet in classroom C209

     Click here for directions.

     Class Location

     Joliet Junior College
     1216 Houbolt Road
     Joliet, IL 60431

     Park in Student Lot E6. Look for Building U.

     Click here for directions.

     Class Location

     Greater Kankakee Airport
     813 A East 4000 South Road
     Kankakee, IL 60901

     Meet in red brick building, adjacent the main terminal. Enter through the south door.

     Click here for directions.

     Class Location

     JC Whitney/US Auto Parts
     761 Progress Parkway
     LaSalle, IL 61301

     Park in the parking lot at the back of main building.
     Meet at the large container at the rear of the building.

     Click here for directions.

     Class Location

     Montgomery Caterpillar Plant
     South Route 31 and Caterpillar Drive
     Montgomery, IL 61629

     Meet the instructors at the east security entrance.

     Click here for directions.

     Class Location

     Pontiac Caterpillar Plant
     Pontiac Public Safety Complex
     413 N. Mill St.
     Pontiac, IL 61629

     Report to the Public Safety Building and wait outside for the instructors to check you in.
     Meet nearest the east entrance.

     Click here for directions.

     Class Location

     Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
     1021 North Grand Avenue East
     Springfield, IL 62794

     Please meet outside the north security entrance.
     Wait for the instructors to come to you.
     Please do not bother the security guards

     Click here for directions.

University Park
     Class Location

     Governors State University
     1 University Parkway
     University Park, IL 60480

     Click here for directions.

     Click here for class location at Governors State University.


Range Aide Qualifications:
     • Have passed at least a beginning rider course (BRC)
     • Have and show evidence of a valid Class “M” or Class “L” Illinois driver’s license or an equivalent from another state.
     • Have knowledge of and ability to perform basic motorcycle maintenance and repair.

Range Aide Job Description:
     • Assists instructors in setting up cones for range exercises.
     • Assists instructors in preparing motorcycles for instruction.
     • Assists instructors in maintaining motorcycles throughout the course.
     • Assists instructors in securing motorcycles at the end of instruction.
     • Assists instructors in keeping range and storage area clean.
     • Assists instructors in non-instructional roles during the course.

Click here to apply for Range Aide position

. Instructor Qualifications:
     • Have passed a BRC within the past three years.
     • Have a valid class M driver’s license or equivalent from another state.
     • Have a safe riding and driving record which, for purposes of this program,
     shall be no more than two convictions for violations of traffic regulations governing the movement of vehicles
     committed within a 12-month period, and no possibility that the license could be suspended.
     Instructors or candidates con¬victed of a serious traffic violation such as, but not limited to,
     Driving Under the Influence (DUI),
     Driving while Suspended (DWS) or Revoked (DWR),
     or reckless driving shall be disqualified from teaching for a period of three years.
     • Out-of-state Instructors shall furnish the Regional Center office with a copy of their
     driving record (abstract) prior to teaching in any calendar year.
     • Maintain MSF certification.
     • Demonstrate knowledge of basic motorcycle maintenance.
     • Complete an annual update prior to teaching.
     • Teach five courses for the ICC regional center, within one calendar year.
*Note: It is recommended to start as a Range Aide, but not required.

Instructor Job Description:
     • Coordinates all classroom sessions. The Co-instructor should alternate presenting material
     and ensure the curriculum is taught in its entirety.
     • Coordinates all range lessons.
     • Supervises the Range Aide.
     • Correctly demonstrates range exercises.
     • Evaluates rider performance.
     • Responsible for ensuring all motorcycles are in operating order
     at the end of each class session.

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