Adult Community Programs are (noncredit) workshops and programs on a variety of topics, designed to give community members opportunities to learn something new. Topics include history, art, computers, language, gardening, crafts, cooking, film, fitness, home, and special interests. There are also day trips and special events. Unless otherwise stated, programs are designed for adults 18 and over.

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Workshop Cancellations

If a workshop has insufficient enrollment, the workshop will be cancelled. The number of paid registrations is used to make this decision. The decision to cancel will be made during the week prior to the first class meeting. Day trip cancellation decisions will be made based on destination registration deadlines.

Meet Our Instructors

Jean Griffith Jean Griffith
"Painting and drawing are my artistic passions and I have enjoyed teaching art at Illinois Central College, Peoria Campus for 9 years. As an artist, I am not afraid to take a risk, and I enjoy the challenge of experimenting with many different types of media including acrylics, watercolors, and mixed media. My painting style is varied depending on what inspires me at the moment. I paint in both a realist and abstract style. I am fascinated by "found objects" and often use these recycled items to add elements of texture and dimension to my artwork."

Kathy Sherman Kathy Sherman
"I can't recall the exact moment I first saw a watercolor painting, but I do remember that it was love at first sight. Although I did not pursue art during my years in school, there were always doodles, sketches, and full-page drawings among my social studies notebook pages. The art classes began after marrying and moving to central Illinois. I was hooked instantly, and I began the learning journey...a journey I soon discovered that is endless, challenging, and delightful. Today I teach adults at ICC, and continue to study alongside professional watercolor artists who provide inspiration as well as technical instruction for those of us who love the medium."