Adult Community Programs are (noncredit) workshops and programs on a variety of topics, designed to give community members opportunities to learn something new. Topics include history, art, computers, language, gardening, crafts, cooking, film, fitness, home, and special interests. There are also day trips and special events. Unless otherwise stated, programs are designed for adults 18 and over.

News & Events

  • Chicago Flower and Garden Show
    March 18
    Whether you're looking for gardening tips or searching for fresh recipes from top chefs, the Chicago Flower and Garden Show is for you!
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  • Tour the Amish Countryside
    March 31
    Join us for a truly authentic Amish experience.
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  • How to Work a Room-
    Schmoozing for Success

    March 3
    "Making conversation" and "working a room" are learned arts which anyone can master.
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  • Growing Herbs and Edible Flowers Indoors
    February 17
    Your own home grown herbs will provide you with fresh flavors for cooking, teas, and even crafting.
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Lunchtime Yoga at ICC North Campus

Come join instructor, Liz Burns, for a 45 minute mid-day yoga break!

Every Monday and/or Wednesday from 12:00 pm to 12:45 pm at the ICC North Campus (5407 N University, Peoria) in Arbor Hall, Room 112 (second floor). Parking is available in Lot 1 or Lot 7.

No prior registration necessary and your first visit is free! ICC CougarPlex punch cards available to purchase from Liz at $40 for ten visits. Or pay online at

A limited quantity of yoga mats are available or bring your own.

Also available: Zumba on Mondays at 5:15 pm!! Punch cards can also be used for this session as well.

Questions: Call the ICC CougarPlex at 309-694-5419