Adult Community Programs are (noncredit) workshops and programs on a variety of topics, designed to give community members opportunities to learn something new. Topics include history, art, computers, language, gardening, crafts, cooking, film, fitness, home, and special interests. There are also day trips and special events. Unless otherwise stated, programs are designed for adults 18 and over.

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Workshop Cancellations

If a workshop has insufficient enrollment, the workshop will be cancelled. The number of paid registrations is used to make this decision. The decision to cancel will be made during the week prior to the first class meeting. Day trip cancellation decisions will be made based on destination registration deadlines.

Meet Our Instructors

Megan Couri Megan Couri

Megan currently lives in Peoria Illinois with her husband and two sons. She is extremely invested in her Peoria community and has lived here nearly her whole life. People always ask where her studio is: truth is, she paints on her kitchen counter. So what she tells people is that her studio is her community. Megan's focus is on enhancing the art community in her home town through art projects and bringing art into people's lives though visual and public awareness.

Some of her recent successes include:

  • Mural Instructor at the Peoria juvenile detention center.
  • 2018 Big Picture Live Muralist
  • Current Gallery Location at Gallery Homes in Peoria Heights.
  • 2019 ArtPop billboard winner
  • Owner Megan Couri: Painter//Muralist
To learn more about Megan, go to
Megan will be teaching "Art-Crylic" Painting starting in September. Click here for more information

Aloysia Mitchell Aloysia Mitchell
Aloysia Mitchell has been a fitness enthusiast for decades. Among her many accomplishments is losing over 50 pounds and maintaining the weight loss for over 10 years. She attributes this to a healthy diet and regular exercise. While she enjoys many types of group fitness classes, she fell in love with POUND at first strike! She looks forward to taking you on this exciting journey.

To enroll in Aloysia's POUND class, click here.